What To Expect At Your Photo Session

I’ve had inquires into these questions, so here’s some info.  xo, Becca


“This is my first photo session, what should I do?”

Our initial contacts via email or phone will talk about things like 1) Who is taking part in the photo session; 2) When and where would you like it to take place; 3) What to wear so everyone looks and feels their best etc..  

“It is hard to get my kids smile in front of a camera.”

It is much easier to show our true emotion when we keep the focus off the camera, so it is important to plan for some activities you and/or your kids typically love to do.  

Maybe baking cookies as you often do every Saturday morning, enjoying morning coffee in your favourite cafe, walking to the park you visit all the time, playing a board game or having breakfast at home…

Family time in the park
“BUT my house is in renos/messy/very dark /____”

It is scary to have people over when the place is not “perfect”, when there are multiple toys on the floor, when there are countless fingerprints on the wall… I totally hear you! Because I am a mom too šŸ™‚

But I will find a way to make things prettier.  And I truly believe evey detail is a beautiful memory of life (including the messy lego pieces on the floor.).   Or we can venture outside šŸ™‚ 

My goal is to be your photographic storyteller; capturing the pure joy, the genuine laughs, the everyday details and the real loving moments. 

“What to do on the photo session day?”

We will probably start with some “look at the camera and smile” traditional portraits at the beginning to warm up.  I may help you get into a flattering position, then I will step back with my camera and allow the moment to unfold naturally.

You will hear me clicking the shutter many, many times and you may wonder how many pictures are we actually taking?!  But somehow you will get used to it as we go along.  

Most importantly, enjoy and have fun šŸ™‚

“So what’s after the photo session?”

I usually have an image or two for you to preview within a day.  The rest of your digital images will be ready for you to view and download in your personal online gallery within one week of your photo session.  You will receive a print release on your photo day so you can take these digital images and print them at any stores. 

Snack time family


*Email Rebecca to schedule your photo session.

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